Mobile communications service providers are currently covering most of the telecommunications market with 2G, 3G, and LTE networks. However, the emergence and steady growth of IP telephony as well as the imminent widespread implementation of RCS and VoLTE present the challenge of providing fully interoperable telco services. Both the telecom market itself and the behaviour patterns of the subscribers are rapidly changing, meaning the services have to become more convergent than ever. Consumers are now looking for services which blur the lines between fixed-line networks, mobile networks, and IP telephony.

Elitnet’s extensive portfolio of value-added services and robust network solutions is designed with quality and convergence in mind. Highly flexible and scalable, our VAS feature inter-network operability, compliance with standards, and ability to operate in pre-IMS environments and RCS deployments. By utilising Elitnet’s converged VAS, any communications service provider can reach the next level of customer experience with services functioning on multiple networks and devices. Our products are classified into the following categories:

We are constantly adding more information about our value-added services. In the meantime, please contact us for additional details on our service packages and particular services.