Call Control VAS

Elitnet’s call control value-added services provide the CSP’s subscribers with a range of convenient voice call-related functionalities, including various call forwarding and routing options, the ability to use multiple numbers with the same device, and the ability to conveniently communicate with subscribers who are unreachable at the moment of the initial call. Elitnet’s call control VAS include:

Call Screening enables subscribers to route incoming calls straight to their mobile phone, auto-matically direct them to voicemail, or reject them with a busy signal or a pre-recorded message.

Intelligent Call Forwarding allows subscribers to set up custom call forwarding between their preferred devices depending on the caller, the time of the day, the day of the week, and the subscriber’s current location.

Call Barring enables subscribers to set up custom call blocking by type, including outgoing calls, international outgoing calls, incoming calls, and incoming calls while roaming.

Alternative Number provides the subscribers with an ability to use a second number without purchasing an additional mobile phone and SIM card.

Follow Me allows subscribers to forward incoming calls to other devices and offers configu-rable forwarding conditions (i.e. phone busy, call timed out, phone turned off or out of coverage).

Notify Me enables subscribers to order an SMS or USSD notification when the person they are calling becomes available in case the call they are trying to make is unsuccessful.

Callback On Busy allows subscribers to request an automatic callback via IVR in case the called party is busy and cannot take their initial call.

Ringback Tone allows subscribers to choose a personalized ringback tone (a piece of music, a voice recording, a joke, etc.) which is played for the calling party.

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