Charging Control VAS

Elitnet’s charging control value-added services allow the CSP to improve customer experience by offering a wider selection of charging rates and reducing or eliminating bill shock. The full range of Elitnet’s charging control VAS is provided below:

Pay For Me implements reverse charging functionality and enables prepaid subscribers to automatically or manually place calls at the expense of the called party.

Ad-sponsored Calling allows reducing charging rates by playing advertisements to subscribers prior to or during a call, attracting an entirely new customer base (advertisers) for the CSP.

Call Me allows subscribers to initiate call requests, sending out a manual or automatic predefined SMS or USSD message with the caller’s number to the called party.

Premium Number Restriction reduces subscriber bill shock by detecting premium-rate numbers and blocking the subscriber’s attempts to call or message them (when activated by the subscriber).

Premium Call Advance Notice sends subscribers an IVR notification when they attempt to contact a number with an increased charge rate, allowing them to drop the call and avoid paying the increased rate.

Balance Notification automatically alerts subscribers whenever they approach a pre-set postpaid bill limit or prepaid balance, helping subscribers to avoid unexpectedly high bills and be in full control of their expenses.

Short Number Pricing allows subscribers to query the cost of any premium-rate service by entering a special prefix before the number they are interested in.

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