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Elitnet’s package of value-added services for enterprise subscribers contains a range of valuable, feature-rich, and innovative services which can be implemented in the CSP’s infrastructure and provided to its business subscribers. All services are designed to work in mobile, fixed-line, converged, and all IP networks.

The package encompasses services which facilitate and optimize enterprise internal and external communication. Particularly when provided together, the services can increase enterprise productivity, provide them with considerable cost savings, and allow them to create and customize a unique communication model.

All services support multitenancy, allowing the provider to serve multiple enterprise subscribers at the same time without any installation costs or infrastructure investments on the enterprise side. The architecture of the services also ensures high scalability, enabling the CSP to optimize its resources and provide immediate scaling to the subscribers.

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Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables enterprise subscribers to facilitate communication within the company and decrease internal communication costs by utilizing closed user groups, advanced call routing functionalities, and virtual private numbering plans.

Virtual PBX is a feature-rich, innovative PBX service which delivers comprehensive call control functionality, allowing enterprise subscribers to implement advanced communication / collaboration models.

Switchboard service provides subscribers with best-practice call monitoring and control capabilities via a web-based GUI which visualizes enterprise user presence and call status.

Virtual Contact Center service allows the CSP to provide feature-rich call center functionality to enterprises without any initial or scale-related investments in their infrastructure.

Call Recording Service service is a centrally managed system which provides enterprise subscribers with voice call recording, storage, delivery, and playback functionalities.

Online Routing Tool allows enterprise subscribers to set up and manage call routing applications for the enterprise’s service numbers by using an intuitive web-based GUI.

Softswitch (Class 4) is a robust solution which enables the transit of VoIP traffic between carriers, enabling ISPs to provide various telephony services to its subscribers.

Company Number enables an enterprise’s employees to conveniently use their own mobile phones for business purposes without disclosing their personal number or increasing their bills.

Online Conference is an advanced conferencing solution which allows setting up voice and video conference calls between a wide range of devices, including mobile phones, VoIP phones, and PCs via WebRTC.

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