Online Routing Tool

The Online Routing Tool allows enterprise subscribers to develop and manage custom call routing applications (encompassing call routing plans and IVR tree applications) for the enterprise’s service numbers by using an intuitive graphical interface accessed via a web browser or mobile application. The multitenant service does not require any installation or infrastructure investments on the enterprise side and can be immediately activated for additional service numbers in the enterprise self-care interface.

The service features extensive call routing functionalities, allowing enterprises to design and change every aspect of its service number routing plans. Subscribers can use intuitive controls such as drag & drop to organize the flow of call processing and implement intelligent call routing capabilities, including time-based, origin-based, and load-based routing. The service includes an extendable library of predefined building blocks and allows the subscribers to design and store custom blocks, simplifying call routing application development and management.

In the back end, the Online Routing Tool includes an NGIN service and media server which implement the call routing functionality specified in a particular call routing application. The CSP can use the Online Routing Tool as a highly attractive add-on to the Virtual PBX service or as an integral part of the Virtual Contact Center, facilitating its IVR setup via an intuitive and convenient graphical interface.

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Key Features

Intuitive Interface. The service features an interactive, user-friendly graphical interface which utilizes drag & drop, connection, and other intuitive controls.
Service Building Block Library. The Online Routing Tool includes an extendable, fully customizable library of service building blocks, such as route, record, play, etc. Custom building blocks can be saved and reused when creating new call routing applications.
Real-time Updates. The service allows launching updated call routing applications on the next call, resulting in maximum uptime for the entire system.
Testing Environment. The Online Routing Tool features a built-in testing environment which allows the subscribers to test new or updated call routing applications before activation.
Integration with Enterprise IT Systems. To provide the enterprise’s customers with personalized services and implement customer authentication functionality, the Online Routing Tool can be integrated with the enterprise’s IT systems and databases via SOAP/REST interfaces.

Service Provider Benefits

Increased ARPU. The service helps enterprises to optimize call routing, increasing the number of successful calls and boosting the CSP’s revenue.
Customer Retention. An enterprise subscriber using the Online Routing Tool is less likely to switch to another service provider, particularly one that does not offer similar services.
New Subscribers. Call routing optimization via an intuitive graphical interface can serve as an excellent selling point when attracting new enterprise subscribers.

Subscriber Benefits

Savings. The service significantly reduces cost and simplifies development and testing of call routing applications.
Productivity. A well-designed IVR tree reduces waiting times for the enterprise’s customers and allows businesses to handle incoming calls better and become more productive and efficient. The Online Routing Tool allows enterprises to develop call routing applications aligned with the enterprise’s strategies and business processes, resulting in optimized call routing and minimized call loss.
Customization. The service allows creating a custom communication model which fits the needs and requirements of the enterprise and its customers.