Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX is a feature-rich, innovative, multitenant PBX service which is hosted by the CSP to deliver comprehensive call control functionality which allows enterprise subscribers to implement advanced communication / collaboration models and increase employee reachability, eliminate lost calls, and optimize internal and external communication. Subscribers can use advanced call control features such as intelligent call forwarding, multi-party call control, and call routing with no initial or scale-related investments in their infrastructure.

The service ensures convergence between circuit-switched and packet-switched (IMS) networks, allowing enterprise users to utilise the service from different devices. Virtual PBX also features an integrated WebRTC client, enabling high quality voice and video communication via a web browser. Enterprises can also set custom IVR announcements and build an IVR tree via a web-based Online Routing Tool.

Virtual PBX serves as a backbone for delivering other high quality enterprise services, including Switchboard (to provide integration with enterprise’s IT systems and visualize call and presence monitoring / control in an intuitive Web GUI), Virtual Contact Center (to perform advanced rule-based automated call distribution and provide convenient interfaces for call center agents and managers), and Call Recording (to record, store, browse, and listen to all of the enterprise’s calls).

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Key Features

Advanced Call Control. Alongside standard PBX functionality, Virtual PBX features advanced call control capabilities such as Sequential and Parallel Ringing, Convergent Multi-ring with Voice Call Handover Session Continuation, and Find Me / Follow Me.
Mobile PBX Experience. Virtual PBX is an on-demand service hosted by the operator which allows providing PBX functionality to mobile enterprises.
Unified Communications Support. The service allows users to be reached via a single contact point on multiple devices in different networks.
Customizable IVR. The service allows enterprises to create their own IVR announcements and menus. Note: Online Routing Tool is required for this functionality.

Service Provider Benefits

Increased ARPU. The service reduces the number of missed calls by increasing enterprise user reachability.
Customer Retention. An enterprise which is accustomed to using the operator’s VPBX service is less likely to switch to another supplier in the future.
New Subscribers. The service allows the operator to attract both first-time PBX users and subscribers looking to upgrade their legacy PBX.

Subscriber Benefits

Productivity. Virtual PBX facilitates internal and external communication, increases availability, and minimizes the number of missed calls.
Savings. Enterprises no longer need to maintain legacy PBX infrastructure.
Customization. Features such as Multi-ring, Intelligent Call Forwarding, Call Screening, etc. allow enterprise users to create a truly individual communications experience.
Mobility. Enterprise users can be reached via a single contact point regardless of their current location, allowing them to stay connected while working remotely.