Location-based Services

Elitnet’s location-based services enable the CSP to determine the location of its subscribers and provide them with functionalities such as location-based information and charging rates. The services use the HLR to access the subscriber’s currently used CellID or employ the GMLC to determine a more precise location for each subscriber. The full list of Elitnet’s location-based services is provided below:

Location Tracking Service enables users to acquire the current location and track the movement of any mobile subscriber, receiving information from the operator’s GMLC or executing GMLC functionalities itself.

Office Zone enables enterprises to associate their employees’ mobile phones with virtual office phone numbers when they enter a zone bound to a physical location (i.e. the company’s office).

Home Zone allows subscribers to associate their mobile phone with a virtual number when they enter a certain geographic location (i.e. their home) with lower charging rates for outgoing calls.

Nearest Office allows subscribers to query the location of the operator’s nearest office by sending a short code request via USSD.

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