Messaging Products

Elitnet’s messaging products ensure smooth and reliable execution of SMS and USSD messaging and related value-added services within the CSP’s network. The services connect to the SS7 network via the SS7 Gateway and include a wide range of essential and value-generating features. The range of messaging products provided by Elitnet includes:

SMS Router is a complete, scalable, high-performance messaging solution which maximizes the efficiency of SMS delivery and serves as a powerful and flexible platform for SMS-related value-added service implementation.

SMS Center is a next generation messaging solution which provides the CSP with a dependable P2P and A2P message delivery system with a modular, distributed architecture, built-in real-time charging, a set of gateway plugins, and an open interface/API for extended SMS processing.

SMS Least Cost Routing enables the CSP to automatically use the cheapest route for each outbound SMS message to a foreign network and supports an unlimited number of carrier agreements and quotas.

SMS Firewall allows the CSP to successfully detect, filter, and block unwanted incoming SMS traffic from unwelcome SMSCs, keeping the network free from spam and flood.

USSD Gateway converts USSD messages to SOAP and vice versa, providing a high-level API for USSD service implementation.

USSD Menu implements the service logic necessary for creation and execution of USSD menus, enabling subscribers to enable, disable, or trigger various services via USSD.

SMS To Email provides a gateway between SMS and email server, allowing subscribers with any entry-level phone and without a data connection to send emails.

SMS Archive provides subscribers with an ability to archive their sent and received SMS messages and access the archive via a convenient Web GUI.

SMS To SIP Gateway converts SIP messages to SMS and vice versa, making the gateway essential for a CSP looking to achieve convergence between CS and SIP networks.

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Messaging Products

We are constantly adding more information about our products. In the meantime, please contact us for additional details on our service packages and particular services.