Platform Products

Elitnet’s platform products are based on future-proof technology used to improve network performance and provide value-added services to subscribers. The areas improved by Elitnet’s products include real-time billing, VoLTE and ViLTE implementation, and content delivery. Our range of platform products includes:

Online Charging System supports both prepaid and postpaid subscribers, enabling the CSP to rate and charge its subscribers in real-time and generate individual charge rates for specified subscriber groups.

NGIN Platform is a Dialogic SS7 stack and JAIN SLEE AS (Mobicents) based platform with a rich set of convergent off-the-shelf IN services and maximum value provided by combining open source flexibility with stability and credibility of the branded SS7 stack.

VoLTE Application Server encompasses a complete suite of network-hosted MMTel applications which allow delivering voice over LTE, video calling over LTE, and other supplementary services.

Multimedia Server is an open source based VoIP media server for CS networks with enhanced functionality and tools aimed at delivering a complete, high quality media gateway.

IP Probe / GTP Router implements intelligent traffic segmentation by routing traffic according to IMSI, APN, and other GTP parameters and increases data monetization by enabling the implementation of new data plans and other services which generate additional revenue.

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We are constantly adding more information about our products. In the meantime, please contact us for additional details on our service packages and particular services.