Roaming Products

Elitnet’s roaming products allow CSPs to serve both outbound and inbound roamers better by providing lower charging rates and additional convenience. Elitnet also enables CSPs and third-party roaming providers to capitalize on the possibilities provided by the European Union Roaming Regulation III. The range of Elitnet’s roaming products includes:

ARP Enabler For MNOs ensures compliance with the European Union Roaming Regulation III which requires all EU-based mobile network operators to provide retail mobile customers with an ability to choose an Alternative Roaming Provider (ARP) for voice, mes-saging, and data services while they are roaming in the EU.

ARP System For Roaming Providers allows any third party looking to provide ARP services to inform operators about its agreements with specific subscribers and keep track of their chargeable events.

Local Breakout provides the CSP with the capability to provide data services directly to inbound roamers without the need to tunnel back to the HPLMN, allowing the service provider to offer better data charging rates.

Callback For Prepaid Roamers removes one of the main obstacles of using prepaid services by allowing roaming prepaid subscribers to send callback requests by dialing a prefix before the target number.

Short Code Translation allows inbound roamers to access useful home network services (including customer care, information services, and voice mail) using the same short code number as in their home network.

Roaming Tariff Information allows roaming subscribers to access the tariff information of any network they are currently visiting by dialing a special code via USSD.

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