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Elitnet’s security products allow the CSP to keep the entire network safe and secure to use for its subscribers in addition to detecting and stopping threats to network infrastructure. The issues addressed by our products include but are not limited to spam, fraud, flooding, message spoofing and faking, unsolicited voice and messaging traffic, DDoS attacks, mobile viruses, data interception, and location detection. Elitnet’s security product range includes:

SS7 Filtering addresses the current and future threats to the SS7 network and implements SS7 traffic filtering based on intelligent rules (filtering by STP, GTP, and other SS7 fields).

SMS Firewall allows the CSP to successfully detect, filter, and block unwanted incoming SMS traffic from unwelcome SMSCs, keeping the network free from spam and flood.

IP Probe / GTP Router implements intelligent traffic segmentation by routing traffic according to IMSI, APN, and other GTP parameters and increases data monetization by enabling the implementation of innovative data charging plans and other services which generate additional revenue.

Call Fraud Prevention protects subscribers from malicious or otherwise unwanted calls by processing all incoming traffic and comparing the calling party phone numbers to the blacklisted ones in a constantly updated global DB.

Deep Packet Inspection enables real-time in-depth analysis of the operator’s subscribers’ Internet traffic, allowing the operator to effectively manage and utilise network resources and implement additional value-generating services such as malware detection and web address blacklisting.

Parental Control allows parents to monitor and control their children’s mobile phone usage, including custom call and SMS filtering rules, phone number blacklists/whitelists, and location tracking capabilities.

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We are constantly adding more information about our products. In the meantime, please contact us for additional details on our service packages and particular services.