Alternative Roaming Provider

The ARP Solution is offered in accordance to the European Union Roaming Regulation III which requires all EU-based mobile network operators to provide retail mobile customers with an ability to choose an Alternative Roaming Provider (ARP) for voice, messaging, and data services while they are roaming in the EU.

Alternative roaming providers act as an additional node in the commercial chain between the subscriber and the HPLMN. Elitnet’s ARP Solution contains two parts: the ARP Control Point for operators and the ARP System for interested parties which are looking to provide ARP services.

ARP Control Point / ARP System Architecture

The ARP Control Point is necessary for the operator to comply with the EU Roaming Regulation III, deliver subscriber-generated chargeable events to the appropriate ARP, and manage all partner ARPs.

The ARP System allows any third party looking to provide ARP services to inform the operator about its agreements with a specific subscriber and keep track of every subscriber’s chargeable events.

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Key Features

Flexible Platform. The solution supports pre-paid, post-paid, and hybrid subscribers. A single ARP Control Point can be used for connection with multiple ARPs.
Multiple Signalling Protocols. The solution supports multiple network signalling protocols, including CAP, MAP, Diameter Gy/Ro, SMPP, and MM7.
Billing Integration. Instead of implementing the OCS, the solution can be integrated with existing ARP-side billing systems using the Diameter Gy/Ro interface.
ARP Subscription Management. The solution provides detailed ARP statistics, including the number of calls routed, the number of subscribers connected to any particular ARP, etc.

Operator Benefits

EU Regulation III Compliance. Elitnet’s ARP Control Point ensures that the operator is fully compliant with the EU Roaming Regulation III.
Customer Retention. By allowing its subscribers to freely choose a service provider (and save money) while they are abroad, the operator builds its customers’ loyalty to the brand.

ARP Benefits

Revenue Source. Elitnet’s ARP System implements key functionalities required to provide ARP services. The third party can then reach and monetize roaming subscribers of any operator compliant with the EU Roaming Regulation III.