Local Breakout

The Local Breakout (LBO) solution enables the MNO to provide inbound roamers with an ability to order data which is provided directly by the visited network. Current infrastructure requires the operator to connect to the roamer’s home network to receive data, so implementing the LBO solution allows the operator to offer more favourable data charging rates to the end user.

Data Traffic (Standard Roaming Case)

LBO allows mobile subscribers to sign up to an alternative roaming provider separate from their HPLMN (Home Public Land Mobile Network). It enables inbound roamers to receive data services directly from the visited mobile network instead of tunnelling back to the HPLMN.

Data Traffic (LBO Case)

As LBO allows the MNO to bypass the high-cost operator-to-operator interconnection, the operator can provide mobile data to inbound roamers at a significantly lower charging rate. The solution is specifically targeted at roamers who typically do not use mobile data while abroad due to the service’s high price, allowing the operator to attract a previously unavailable customer base. By providing the users with cheaper data, the operator also stimulates roaming voice and SMS traffic on their network.

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Key Features

Flexible Charging Options. The solution enables multiple end-user charging options (per megabyte or unlimited data for a time period). MNOs may use this to create optimal data plans to generate maximum possible revenue.
Traffic Shaping. Using the Hotspot for the LBO APN, MNOs may set available bandwidth for each data plan and individual user.
Built-in Detection, Instructions, and Advertising. The LBO solution comes with integrated potential subscriber detection, service advertising, and usage instructions systems.
Mobile Application. The solution provides an optional mobile application for subscriber self-care. The application facilitates APN setup, data plan selection, and payment.

Service Provider Benefits

New Revenue Source. By targeting inbound roamers who choose to turn off mobile data instead of paying standard roaming charging rates, the solution allows the MNO to bring in revenue from a previously non-monetized source.
Additional Revenue from Standard Roaming Charges. As LBO data users are registered to the operator’s network, they net additional revenue for roaming voice and SMS traffic.
Highly Targetable. The service is highly targetable and may be advertised in major inbound roamer gathering points (airports, hotels, busy border crossings, etc.). It may also be advertised through a greeting message to inbound roamers who have connected to the operator’s network. Web advertisement may target specific web pages such as hotel bookings, airline ticket reservation websites, etc.

Subscriber Benefits

  • Access to data while roaming.
  • Comfortable pricing.
  • No roaming bill shock.
  • Comprehensive and transparent charging.
  • Easy to order via SMS or the web.
  • More convenient than the alternatives.