Location Based Solutions

Elitnet’s Location Based Solutions offer a unique opportunity to use subscriber location for generating revenue. We currently have multiple revenue generating solutions which take advantage of your subscriber’s location.

Location Based Advertising

Highly accurate and highly targetable. This solution features notifications to subscribers when they are in or near a certain location. For example if a store is having a sale, your subscriber can receive an SMS notification when walking past it. This high accuracy translates into superior subscriber benefits since they receive adverts only when near a certain point which is then easily accessible. The solution also increases ARPU by obtaining additional revenue from advertisers and third parties.

Office zones

A Location based solution for enterprises. Enterprise users can designate multiple “zones” which are bound to a desired location. Additionally each employee is assigned with a virtual number. When making a call from within the office zone, employee’s MSISDN is replaced with virtual number and reduced call rates applied. When outside the office zone original MSISDN is used for all calls and standard rates are applied. Various configuration options are available for customizing the solution such as forwarding calls to virtual number, forwarding to voicemail, etc.

Location tracker

A Location based solution perfect for both enterprise and personal use. It can be used to keep track of family members, especially useful for parents who want to know the whereabouts of their children at any time. Enterprise users can use this solution to keep track of their workforce during the workday or even trace packages.

All of our Location Based Solutions are:

  • Carrier-centric
  • Easily deployed
  • Highly accurate
  • Able to support legacy devices