Mobile Network Security

Mobile Network Security is key for successful business operation and is a top priority for all MNOs. Threats to Mobile Network Security can come in multiple forms with some being more harmful than others. The most common forms of threats to mobile networks is SMS spam and SMS flood. SMS spam can contain unwanted content which could possibly be harmful to subscribers and degrade network performance, while SMS flood can increase congestion and even completely overload the signaling network. Some of more dangerous threats such as SMS faking and SIM Boxes can negatively affect the operator’s revenues. In particular, SMS faking is a major threat. It illegally assumes the identity of the SMSC and thus depriving the operator of termination fees. Other threats include SMS spoofing which can damage customer experience and strain customer support and SMS viruses which can cause multiple problems to the network and subscribers.

To help MNOs combat Mobile Network Security threats Elitnet has developed several specialized solutions aimed to increase Mobile Network Security and keep it performing flawlessly:

SMS Firewall

SMS Firewall is a full featured solution for securing MNOs SMS infrastructure. It includes features for SMS spam and SMS flood detection and filtering with flexible configuration rules for greater detection. The solution can also detect SMS faking and spoofing to protect the MNOs revenues and prevent customers from being billed for unwanted content. It is a carrier centric solution which provides a safe and spam-free environment while protecting revenue and future proofing the MNOs SMS infrastructure.

SIM Box detection

Recently the SIM Boxes have become a source of major headaches for MNOs. They bypass official interconnections and thus causes major revenue losses. Lately SIM Boxes have been getting more advanced by imitating patterns of human behavior when making calls and becoming more difficult to detect. In order to successfully combat SIM Boxes Elitnet has developed a solution with advanced real-time detection methods. The solution detects SIM Boxes quickly and efficiently assuring no revenue is lost to bypassing interconnects. This state of the art technology requires minimal effort from your staff and is the most optimal way of protecting your investments.

All of our Mobile Network Security solutions can be tailored to your specific situation. In order to find out more about what we can do to help you secure your network please contact us.