Next Generation Messaging

Next Generation Messaging Solution by Elitnet provides MNOs with a high performance messaging solution covering convergence of various messaging types such as SMS, USSD, SIP, XMPP and e-mail. It can also be integrated with social networks for enriched messaging functionality and enhanced customer experience.

The NGMS ensures standards based open API for creating a new value added services and at the same time provides a galore of built-in services. Alongside provided built-in rich set of messaging services, it also enables MNOs (or third parties) to create new/specific convergent messaging based services to simplify messaging communications, enrich customer experience and attract new subscribers.

Using this solution you will be able to quickly introduce new services to market in response to your customer’s needs and maintain a competitive stance in the market. The solution also helps reduce costs due to features like First Delivery Attempt, intelligent routing and various deployment options.

Values and services

Next Generation Messaging solution allows for introduction of new message services providing extra values to subscribers while at the same time returning decreased revenue from message traffic.

SMS anti-SPAM is a service which enriches customer experience by filtering unwanted message content and providing a SPAM-free environment.

Social Network Integration allows subscribers to use their messaging services with their favorite social networking sites and receive various notifications and updates. Social networking capabilities are available using entry level phones without using mobile data. Allows operators to compete with OTT service providers.

SMS Advertising with location-based advertising features for highly targetable advertising.

Message bulk sending is integrated into the solution for multiple SMS sending. SMS adverts can be sent out as scheduled text messages with the advertiser choosing date and time when the subscribers receive their offer.  Possibility to use automatic responders to respond to customers messages.