Online Charging Solution

Online Charging Solution by Elitnet provides MNOs with the ability to rate and charge their subscribers in real-time and gives network providers the flexibility to generate individual charge rates for specified subscriber groups. The solution provides real-time charging capabilities for voice calls, SMS and data usage in home and visited networks. It includes a rich set of additional Value Added Services such as bill shock prevention, Alternative Roaming Provider subscriber handling, USSD notifications, etc. The OCS architecture is compliant with 3GPP recommendations and is based on DCCA (Diameter Credit Control Application). If required by the MNO, this distributed architecture offers seamless integration of the Convergent Charging Frontend with any existing third party billing system due to the use of Diameter Ro/Rf protocol.

All of this allows for easy charging rule and discount management for different subscriber groups by modifying a specific charging plan. Elitnet’s Online Charging Solution is oriented to all subscriber and service types and offers great unified online charging and online control capabilities and can also be used as unified charging engine for all your network services.


Debit and credit account support
Full featured debit account (prepaid subscribers) and credit account (postpaid subscribers) support.

Flexible tariff management engine
Flexible tariff management engine allows CSPs to create new charging plans and modify existing ones with ease.

Exhaustive statistics/Session detailed record (SDR) available in real-time
Service providers are presented with detailed statistics (destinations, volumes) for each session.

Free of charge call support
If required the OCS determines whether the call is free of charge and informs the IN server not to trace the call taking load of the system.

Premium number support including location-based premium numbers
Different charging rates can be applied for different numbers. Subscribers can also be notified when contacting a number with a different charging rate.

Diameter protocol for integration with OCS/billing
IN server can be integrated with any OCS/billing platform supporting standard diameter protocol IETF RFC 4006.

Supported IN protocols: Camel phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, phase 4; Nokia INAP CS1; Ericsson INAP CS1+; SIP