Telecommunications industry is now progressing rapidly towards LTE, the next step in telecommunications evolution. LTE, also known as Long-Term Evolution or 4G LTE is the new industry approved standard for high-speed wireless communication. Deploying voice over LTE (VoLTE) alongside with video calls over LTE is considered to be the natural upgrade path in telecommunications network progression.

VoLTE utilizes IMS technology to deliver richer communication and enhanced quality voice services while offering Mobile Network Operators multiple operational benefits and cost savings. MNOs will no longer need to depend on legacy Circuit Switch network for voice service and another for data services. Alongside cost savings, VoLTE also provides potential for new revenue opportunities. Using IMS as a common platform, additional services such as Video over LTE and RCS features like video sharing, screen sharing, group chats and data exchange can be deployed alongside VoLTE. Deploying such services over LTE would satisfy the ever growing demand and ensure service stability and interoperability.

Elitnet is at the forefront of this VoLTE evolution. We realize that beneath all the hype about VoLTE is a vital transition period from 2G/3G to a full LTE environment. During this transition period services will have to be developed with SCC (Service Centralization and Continuity) signaling control logic in mind to solve the complexities of voice call and supplementary service continuation when a user migrates from 2G/3G to LTE. Since many first VoLTE deployments will depend on CS handover it is vital that all services are provided with an intelligent signaling logic to accommodate transition between 3G and LTE. We are focused on transferring our extensive portfolio of Value Added Services and robust network solutions to function flawlessly during this complicated transitional period. Our years of experience with converged Value Added Services for both voice and messaging give us the perfect background for developing services interworking with both legacy networks and VoLTE.

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